Saturday, 19 December 2015

A hate for Christmas

So as you may guess from the title I don't like Christmas.
I think it's a money stealing, corporate conspiracy, to drive everyone crazy with fucking shit Christmas carols and make every person in the country broke.

Yeah so I don't like Christmas. I get the sentiment, all that Jesus and god stuff with Bethlehem and the star. But as an atheist I think it's pretty pointless it means I have to waste load of money on cards which will enviably end up in a bin along with 4 million tonnes of wrapping paper world wide just after Christmas, you know how many trees were cut down according to 2012 statistics?

A few million trees cut down in the UK alone imagine world wide, (sorry) including the bloody USA. Over 1 billion trees just for Christmas.

Trees only create oxygen when they are still in the earth other wise they are just creating more carbon dioxide from being disposed of improperly.

Also I don't get paid a lot. £4 per hour for a 16 year old. I only do 6 hours a week, and I have to buy stuff for school and shit + the fact everything is ten times more expensive at Christmas time, life is hard right now.

Anyway have a Shitty Christmas and a Crappy New Year


Thursday, 26 November 2015

Fear of a Bike

You know on those awesome bike trails you get in the hill with the mud, rocks and trees? Well in the summer I went on one of the awesome bike trails you get in the hill with the mud, rocks and trees. And I got lost... Then while cycling down the hill with the faster bit and those cool turns. I genuinely went straight over the handle bars... I'd hit a rock and if I hadn't had a helmet on I 100% would have killed myself, you'd think I'd learnt my lesson but I still go to school on my bike and I do NOT wear a helmet. And there's this turn I have to do, every single time I take this turn I terrify myself for a single second... I am genuinely terrified of my bike right now.... I'll get over it though. :)

Thursday, 3 September 2015

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins: Review

I just finished The Girl on the Train and wow I'm sorry but every character in this book was so completely messed up I didn't think it was possible. Apart from that though the book was catching, engaging and kept me up for hours. When I finished it I just sat there for a bit and looked at the cover and I really liked the ending. I really really did!
I was so caught up I literally didn't put it down for a whole day while reading it! I think you have to be careful what age you are when you read it but I thought it was fantastic!!

The characters had so much going on. With the harassment and the lying it was gripping. I don't usually like books written in diary form and jumping from one time to another, but in this book it was so perfect. I had a slight confusion with the dates at one point but over all! WOW I am going to remember this book and what it has brought to my life and I definitely feel I could read a few more of Paula Hawkins' books.

Monday, 17 August 2015

How about a book

Been a while, As always.

I have been doing a lot of reading lately. And basically I've been inspired to write a boook. I really want to, I've always wanted to. I never tried though for a few reasons.

1. I used to be scared of people judging me, thinking I was weird or something
2. I always think I wouldn't have the patience to even start
3. All would think my ideas are stupid or even childish
4. I keep telling myself I don't have time

But recently I moved on.

I dyed my hair green for two months and fell in love with it. People called me weird but I realised I didn't actually care cause it was something I was loved. Also it is my hair and if you don't like the colour look at someone else's god dammed head.

I also went to this festival last week where, while sitting round the main campfire on the first night I met a guy called Hari. He was so funny and amazing. He talked about the world actually being flat and the moon being an illusion. I completely fell in love with the way he talked. We talked all night. When I left the next morning to get some shut eye before the day began he said I hope tonight I met some more weird. My automatic reaction was to turn and say in the most sarcastic way possible "Thannnks", as soon as I said that I realised it was the wrong thing to say. He had said it in the most sincere way possible. We discussed a little more about the pros of being weird and I went off to have breakfast. :)

To be 100% fair I probably still don't have the patience to even start a book but touching on point 4 I do in fact have the rest of my life. It doesn't have to be published before I'm 25.

And as for people thinking my ideas are weird. I've met people. I know there are people who think I belong in an asylum but I also know that the right people would pick up my book. I don't want to write a book for money, so if you get weirded out easily... simple...

don't pick up the book.

Good talk. Want to say anything by all means comment.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Veils and Vengeance by Rachelle J. Christensen: Review

Free copy for review.
I'm 15 and I found it perfect for my age though I do read books that are usually recommended for people slightly older than me.
I immediately feel in love with Adri from the beginning and the way she introduced herself to Jon was fabulous. I did find that this book would have been so little more understandable if I had read the first book in the series (this is the second one) but all the same I did enjoy it a great deal.
I found the imagery in this book fabulous. While reading this I almost felt like I was in Hawaii and when ever Adri went into the sea I got this spark down my spine because I adore swimming in the sea. I also found that the discovery of the body gave me a chill that made me feel exactly how Adri would have felt.
At the beginning of each chapter there was a little recipe for different things that came up in that chapter. ( I can't wait to try and make that "Pineapple Upside Down Cake" on chapter 14)
The ending is fabulous and completely unexpected!!
This was an amazing book over all and I can't wait to read the first one! :)

Courtesy of

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe - Book vs Film

I read The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe this morning and it got me thinking about it and the film (Disney version).
This will contain spoilers for both the film and the book. If you haven't read/slashed watch yet, they are... OMG!!!
Carrying on... I personally prefer the book. In the film, there is a scene which is filmed in a rocky gorge type thing, here Peter is leading the fight but they are losing people left, right and centre and then they leave - losing half there army. You know they also do this in the 'Prince Caspian'. Neither of these scenes can be found in the book.
It drives me crazy when they cut out good scenes for book to film. But I find it 100% worse than crazy when they ADD extra scenes!! I personally think it's pointless. I hate that they've made it soo much more violent. Not cool!
But they are both amazing!
The book I give 5/5
The film I give 4/5
❤❤ x
Goodreads Account.

Friday, 3 July 2015

'I, Elizabeth' Review

"Using only Elizabeth's words (adapted from her letters, speeches and other writings), Rebecca Vaughan (Austen's Woman, Female Gothic), continues her successful collaboration with director Guy Masterson (Oliver Award Winning Morecambe), exploring the queen's struggle to reconcile the desires of womanhood with the duties of sovereignty." 
- A Dyad Production

As a fifteen year old who isn't used to any language but modern English, I found that incredibly hard to understand, especially with it being 1hr15 long, it felt it dragged a bit. But with the way this whole performance was set up, despite not being able to understand a lot of it you could really get a feel for what was going on. Using Clamps (see below *) I had some thoughts.

  • The costume in this play was a simple posh Elizabethan dress and a red head wig. I found this gave it a historical vibe.
  • The lighting was pretty standard but changed between a spotlight and full stage lighting, apart from an occasional, what seemed to be electrical storm, where the lights flickered and there was a sound of power malfunctions, these happened unexpectedly and made the play that little bit more dramatic.
  • For the actors, there was only one, Rebecca Vaughan, it was a monologue.
  • The make-up again gave it a very historical vibe. She had her whole face covered in white powder and slightly pink lips, also as I said she had a red wig and some very pretty earrings on.
  • There were very few props. She had a letter with a red wax seal that she kept waving about (in a very majestic way of course), there was a goblet with who knows what in it, a handkerchief which she wiped her eyes on and very lovely wooden table and chair (she kept flopping on to the chair)
  • As for the scenery, there was some red wallpaper (?) hanging at the back and a checkered floor. Nothing overly fancy.
These six things made the play a wonder to watch even though I understood a whole of about ten words. I would just like to say, it's not that I couldn't hear her it simply was that I can't understand Elizabethan.
Over all really enjoyed and I seriously would go and see it again!

*I'm going to use a thing that I learnt about in Media called 'Mise-en-scène'. In that there is costume, lighting, actors, make-up, props and scenery. Or CLAMPS

Creating an illusion

We live in a world where occasionally we imagine something else to make us feel better or live in a day forgetting an important event.
I do this most days!
I have had some pretty terrible tragedies in my time (it is only 15 years but still). I have lost people like you can't imagine and I have defiantly not coped well. But to anyone I know, I ask you: "Did you notice?"
My illusion includes no money troubles. No lost family. A cat that actually likes me and a house I've fallen in love with. Only in my head though. But if you asked me: "Where do you live?" I wouldn't lie. I just may not tell you the complete truth. Just the bits I actually like.
We all I think live in our little illusions occasionally.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Climate Change - Jack's Gap

I was scrolling the Facebook when I came across and article by the Guardian ( where Finn Harris one of the two Bloggers on the YouTube Channel JacksGap. Between them they talk about important issues and their travels around the world.
Finn wrote quite an insightful article on climate change and the way this problem can effect architecture. Whether you are a fan of JacksGap or not. I would highly recommend you give this a read. :)

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Supernatural Finale

So Supernatural season 10 just finished on an alright note. I'm gonna be recapping on more than just the last episode though. 

So that 200th episode was bloody amazing. That play basically pointed out everything that we think while watching it, Destiel, winsest etc. And at the end that version of 'Carry On My Wayward Son' was absolutely amazing!!

When that came on at the beginning of the Season finale with 'The Road So Far' I immediately had a huge feeling of dread. But I'm sorry I liked the ending.But before we start with the Finale can I just say CHARLIE!!!! I mean WTF I thought she would live. I thought they would bring her back. And she a Cas were so amazing it was unbelievable able!!! She has to come back next season, I mean she can't NOT!!

OKAY back to the Finale. It brought so much pain when Roweena killed Oscar even though I didn't know him that well it still hurt... And after that spell was cast... She magiced Cas and now I think he gonna try to kill Crowley. *sarcastic whoop*.

Talk more. Dean summoned Death... He traded Sam's life and then killed death (if that's even possible) so what now everyone lives? I was so happy when it got to the end of the episode and neither Sam nor Dean died!!! Yippee.

I was actually expecting something like 'The Darkness' being released to happen cause I mean, Apocalypse, Angels falling, Gates of Hell opening etc I was thinking some catastrophic event has to occur.

And I know one thing for certain. 



Sam and Dean are gonna need torches next season!!!


Saturday, 16 May 2015

Ending Seasons

***Spoiler Alert***
Recently I finished CSI season 15, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D season 2 and NCIS season 12. (Supernatural is about to finish season 10 but I think that will need a post all on its own)

I almost cryed at the end of CSI because I swear Nick Stokes was defiantly one of my favourite characters (him and Greg 😉) anyways so Nick left and Jules was in a coma(?) and it just made all  these confusing feeling come up!! Also it turns out the CBS network is pulling the plug on CSI. I believe there will be a two hour movie in Spetember to mark the ending. I've also heard that William Peterson and Marg Helgenberger will be back.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D ended with a huge cliffhanger. Fitz had just asked Summons out on a date, when he left Jemma noticed the door on that box for that weird alien artefact was open but before she had time to close it that stone thing turned into liquid and engulfed her. Episode end. It has been confirmed that Elizabeth Henstridge will be in season 3 which is a really good sign. We also found out that Coulson was bringing together a team of gifted human beings, a bit like the Avengers but in secret. I am really hoping Lincoln will become part of that gifted team!!!

NCIS also finished with a hell of a cliffhanger. Gibbs was shot. By Luke in the market place (sounds a bit like Cludo). To be honest I actually don't have much to say about this I mean I love it but still not got much to say.

Hope you enjoyed the post X

Monday, 27 April 2015

recent Books

Yesterday two books turned up at my door!
°A Work In Progress by ConnorFranta
°All I Know Now by Carrie Hope Fletcher
I actually can't wait to read either of them!!!
I'm currently reading Looking for Alaska by John Green, it is absolutely fabulous! It a bit strange though because I am not a huge fan of non-fiction books (I mean I can read them, and I occasionally enjoy them) I do in fact prefer fictional books. Anyway it's about a boy called Miles who loves reading biographies etc. And to be honest it's a FRANTASTIC book!
(Did you see what I did there!! Franta Frantastic... Eh eh... Oh never mind)


Shameless self promo

Wanna check out my YouTube? I make new videos approx weekly?! Also fricken obsessed with tumblr, youtubers, tv show, doctor who and hella lot of puns. :)

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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol


Also Jeremy Renner, Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg all one film is too amazing for words!!! GREAT!!!!! OH MY WOW!!!

Friday, 27 March 2015

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

WOW this movie is bloody amazing, hilarious and got so much action it's unbelievable!!
If you've never seen it then OMG you are seriously missing out. :)

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Doctor Who 10years

I can't belive it's been 10 years since 'Rose' first aired on BBC and that signifying the reboot of Doctor Who. I just want to use this blog post to say I am so happy for this day 10 years ago I have watched and rewatched the new episodes and these a almost shaped the way I think, and it has helped me to cope with lose like you wouldn't believe!
Billie Piper, Christopher Eccleston thank you so much for making that a wonderful episode and I know Christopher must have had a lot to act up to. He did a marvellous job and I am so happy right now.


Wattpad Story

I started a new story on Wattpad called 'Spring Break #JustWriteIt' it's for a Wattpad challenge and to be honest I thought it would be less fun but I was so wrong :)
Wanna read it.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

DIY stars.

Made some Damn awesome stars please enjoy the video! Xx

Paper Stars // TimeLapse

Ugly Selfies

So at the moment I have having an awesomely fun Snapchat ugly selfie chat with a friend. God I love Snapchat, with all the funky filters, the wicked writing and the general ableness to send constant selfies!!! 😎 My Snapchat is specifically for friends and I lie that about Snapchat you can keep it so private! Xx

Friday, 20 February 2015

More about our fucked up educational system

A while ago I ranted about the educational system and today while tumblring I found a post about over education type thing, basically read the post to understand what I'm on about. 😋

Thursday, 19 February 2015

American Horror Story

So I asked some people if I should start watching American Horror Story and they all said yes.
Here are some thoughts.

After the first couple of minutes of the pilot episode of American Horror Story, the bit with the twins. My first thought was next will be Kansas with Carry On my Wayward Son and then an Impala comes round the bend of the road with Dean singing out of tune loudly and Sam sitting looking like he would rather be anywhere else.

That didn't happen. I have been watching WAAYYY to much s

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Straight out this is nothing to do with any song or any movie. My heart is beating SO fast right now, I mean so fast it must be unhealthy. I'll explain why...
I've kinda liked this guy at my drama class for a while and last night I finally said to myself, "god sakes, nothing is gonna happen between you two unless you do something." So I asked my friends advice as to what to say. After many good idea I went with "Hi. I was wondering if you wanted to hang out somewhere sometime? :)" sorry but what the fuck was that?! So I sent that, 23hrs later he sees the message, my heart starts beating wayyy to fast, and then....

Nothing. He likes my profile Picture and doesn't reply. YAY.
(I'll keep you updated)

Friday, 30 January 2015


Soo... At the moment I have been totally obsessed with Elementary. I mean its fantastic, and I am totally torn between which I like better, Sherlock or Elementary!? And I decided both. I mean, why not. I know that if they both came out on the same day I would watch which ever one I could get to first filled by the other one, so I'm not going to decide!

Anyways I find it extremely interesting that they have used a female as Dr Watson and something else I also love which I actually can't tell you cause it would ruin part of season one.
Another thing I find interesting is that it all seems older, you know with the drugs and sex and everything it just feels like it is aimed at an older audience than Sherlock was.

Well I would give it a 8/10 for being fricken awesome!!

Thursday, 22 January 2015


So I've recently been obsessed with a certain genre (at least I think its a genre), that's Remixes. They include,
~ Give Me Your Hand Zookëper Remix
~ Happy Little Pill Casper Zazz Remix
~ Pompeii Slander Heaven Trap Remix

These are my favourites at the moment!! They're awesome. :P

okay so there's this guy I kinda like, I guess. And anyways we were at this club thing and, I know its really not a big thing but he forgot his iPod, so I said he could listen to my phone. To be honest I thought he really wouldn't like music, but straight out we joked about my phone making a song look like its called 'Give me your HAM' so we laughed about that. Turns out he does like some of my music, and to be honest I guess its not terrible ;)


Sunday, 11 January 2015

Breakfast :)

So good morning. I've just finished having a 1 in the morning breakfast! :) I couldn't sleep so I got up and ate simply. And then I started talking to walls and my deduction, while being Mr Watson, I concluded I was... No... Am MAD.

Aka. (I'm not actually quite sure what that stands for... Another time.)
So yeah..

M ost
A wesome
D etective

-And even tho I'm Watson it still works :P

This is my train of thought :) I was actually thinking of doing a video about this topic at some point.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Smoking on Tumblr

So today I was just scrolling down tumblr... *I may or may not have been stalking Jack Howards Tumblr page.* anyways I found this amazing picture on his page. Which if you hadn't guessed, its the one below. ;) I thought it sent out quite a meaningful message, also its funny do yeah.

If you want to reblog it on your own personal tumblr page, here's the link to the post on Jacks wall.

Sunday, 4 January 2015


So yesterday, I watched the last episode of Miranda. It was brilliant.
Even though I'm sad to see it go, at least it finished with a happy ending.
Out of 5 stars,
5/5!!! So BBC be happy.

I don't like giving spoilers, so if you want to know what happed you're going to have to watch it.

It is currently on BBC iPlayer, but I'm not sure how long for.

(So yeah I wrote this on the 4t. But for some reason it didn't publish. Oops)

What Goes Around Come Back Around

*Starts* this has got nothing actually to do with Beyoncé.

This week I've been up in Glasgow, Scotland. Five years ago I'd lived there for a good eight years. But I most defiantly haven't seen enough of my friends from up here. Btw I now live in Yorkshire, England.
Anyways my mum and I had arranged a meeting with a few friends, one at 11 then some at 12.30 then lastly at 4ish. But I myself had also arranged to go and see one of my old friends, but stuff built up and by then I realised I cannot fit everyone in at all. So I texted him with a message explaining I had overbooked everything!
(Now at the moment you may be thinking how is this relevant to the picture or title. But is is now)
So anyway I had four friends I hadn't seen for between 1-5 years and it was all very exciting. And after telling my friend I couldn't meet him I got a text from one of the friends that I hadn't seen for five years, and it was him saying sorry I can't meet you I've got basket ball practice till four. So that hit me hard, harder than I thought it would actually.
Any ways do you get the picture and the title now? :)