Thursday, 2 October 2014

Education etc, Rant!

  • We live in a country where society says abortion is wrong but  but that looks down on teenage pregnancy!
  • Where we have products that promotes "Natural looks" but on the box it has a woman who has been photo-shopped with hair extensions and fake tan!
  • We live in a WORLD  where the governments want peace but the are wars all over the world.
This is not the kind of world I want to be living in!

  • Where we have to be in educations till we are 18 to make sure we have a good life ahead of us, well maybe I don't want to be a flippin' doctor or a lawyer, you see I want to be a photographer and last I checked you don't need to know Pythagoras theorem or how to spell onomatopoeia or even know what that means. Did you know that Steve Jobs (you know, the guy who worked for Apple big time!!) well he never even completed a higher education and look how successful he was! Maybe I want to travel the world but really do I actually need to know how fold mountains where made... Really?
  • We are living in a country that if you don't get a C or above in Maths and English then you have to retake your GCSE's but maybe you got an A* in Art and maybe you don't you don't want to be a writer but you want to be an artist... But get this Da Vinci and Picasso were both Dyslexic and you might not know which painting they specifically painted but I bet you've heard of them... Here For More...
  • Also get this if you do decide you want to go on to further education then you have to bloody pay so tell me... In what way is that fair!
We live in a world that we are encouraged to be unique and yet we all get tested on the same thing! We all have different Genes and different Mind Processes and yet we are expected to remember the same things and answer the same questions! We are a class full of individuals expected to be the same...
Okay so Universe where is the flippin' logic in that!
  • The government keeps saying climate change is being a little piece of shit well guess what together how about instead of fighting, how about we all be friends and build a few wind farms or hydroelectricity stations and sort out this god damned earth... Cause guess what, Its the only one we have got!!!! And its gonna be a bit of a pain if we mess it up now! Actually scratch that... We already have!!
I want to have kids in the future (probably) but only if we can keep this planet going because I would prefer not to have kids at all rather than have then grow up in this hell hole.
For this rant I was Inspired by the video below!