Wednesday, 27 July 2016


while lying in my bed about 2 seconds ago I was just thinking about me. I recently wore weird mouse ears that I got for a pound from Poundland.

I then shaved my head for charity, see here for details.

Now I look like this ^
I don't need to wear the ears, I always like being quirky though I only recently realised how much I used to try. I'm quirky, without trying! and that makes me happy. it's not easy to be happy sometimes. BTW the dye in my hair is CosmicBlue by the Schwarzcoft one. It's permanent. but cute.

BTW raised £2000 + for WAY - Widowed and Young. thank you Norton College, the boys who waxed their legs for the cause. the girls who made up the amazing charity team, the teachers who got soaked and Gemma, thanks for all the help to make that day so successful.