Thursday, 3 September 2015

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins: Review

I just finished The Girl on the Train and wow I'm sorry but every character in this book was so completely messed up I didn't think it was possible. Apart from that though the book was catching, engaging and kept me up for hours. When I finished it I just sat there for a bit and looked at the cover and I really liked the ending. I really really did!
I was so caught up I literally didn't put it down for a whole day while reading it! I think you have to be careful what age you are when you read it but I thought it was fantastic!!

The characters had so much going on. With the harassment and the lying it was gripping. I don't usually like books written in diary form and jumping from one time to another, but in this book it was so perfect. I had a slight confusion with the dates at one point but over all! WOW I am going to remember this book and what it has brought to my life and I definitely feel I could read a few more of Paula Hawkins' books.