Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Diamond Rings are Deadly Things by Rachelle J Christensen Review

I was sent this book by www.ebooksforreview.com in return for an honest review.
I did the bad thing of reading the second book first and the first book second, so a couple of times it took me back to Adri's referral to what had a happened and it caught me out just a few times. If you love plot twists and most strong women in your books this is perfect, I'm 16 and I would recommend this to most girls my age and I know I'm going to be going up to my mum later and begging her to read it.
Throughout this whole book I completely fell again in love with Adri's character but also with Lorea who's the fantastic friend and colleague with no barrier on what she says. Dallas was probably the only character who you saw a great deal of development from my point of view he seemed to escalate quickly from the shy fellow to a more independent man. And throughout the book I was slowly but surely falling for Luke, man the guy I had in my head from the description was good looking.
The storyline kept me hooked and especially in the last few chapters my heart was racing as much as Adri's was described to be, I even started holding my breath and completely caught me in the moment.
This is one of those books where you put it down til you are at the end. And I can't wait for the third one to come out!

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Becoming Tonks - Nymphadora Lupin

Today I was retold that in the performing arts faculty we were required to dress up as Harry Potter characters for this years World Book Day on the 3rd of March. To begin with I was really torn up, because I didn't know who to go as. Then one of my teachers, Gemma said what about Tonks aka Nymphadora Lupin. I thought that was perfect, unfortunately when asking if I could go all out and dye my hair purple, she still said no, so decision number 1 I'm going to spray purple dye in my hair Thursday morning.
First thing to do is research, GOOGLE!
Today I went to Yorkshire Trading Company and bought black nail polish for £1. And then when I got home I did the courageous thing of going outside to get a wand, which has a pretty pattern on.
My friend Daisy brought in a big greenish coat for me to wear, I also have another coat at home which we found yesterday, I've worked out without seeing them together that they would look quite good together (fingers crossed). After school I'm going to go round the local charity shops and perhaps find a dress or skirt to wear underneath it all. I found my make-up bag and I have my eyeliners and eye shadows ready for tomorrow morning! Also the dyes are ready, I've decided to do a bit of a mixture of both pink and purple because I have both colours.
Thursday Morning.
OMG. So I've done my nails, my hair is purple and pinky although I think I've killed my hair from the hair spray. I've got my red boots on, black jeans, black top that says thieves of NY on it, a witchy cloak thing, the coat I borrowed from my friend, a pentagram necklace and a choker made of ribbon, also make up. It's weird I have my wand ready and my Psychology text book.
Thursday at school.
I looked so much like her, and I was told that by quite a few people though other people did go, and who are you supposed to be? It was so fun our head of 6th form was dressed up as Professor Trelawney and my friend Owen was dressed up as Professor Lockhart, and apart from the hair which was ginger, as opposed to golden.

Need to get:
  • Ripped jeans Black (maybe stripy grey?) 
  • Stripy top
  • More Hair dye 
  • Leather Jacket or something of that sort 
  • Choker of sorts 
  • Black Fingerless gloves
  • Long Black skirt
  • Fishnets 

Honourable Mention