Friday, 26 August 2016

Memories - short story

Standing on the road, smoking a menthol cigarette the building looked tired. Like it had seen better days. Callum was looking at me not the motel with an expression on his face I couldn't read. He has been looking at me like that since I met him, everyday the same expression, not all the day but there is never a day that that face didn't appear suddenly. As I finished smoking the cigarette Callum put his arm over my shoulders and I snuggled close to him. There was a chilling breeze and I hadn't thought to bring a coat. We had been walking for hours, since the car had broken down about five miles back. No cars had driven past in two hours, not another soul had we seen. I was just thankful that we were having a good day. And by that I mean we weren't an inch from ripping each others throats out. We had met at a shitty motel like the one we were standing in front of. He had been staring at me the whole time I had been unpacking my car, it was the same expression I still couldn't read. Just an expression and depending on my own mood it could make me feel hated by the whole world or loved more than anything by this one person. Today it was the latter. I smiled into his neck as he pulled me round in front of him wrapping both arms tight around me. Then as he slowly moved his face in front of mine he touched his lips against mine so lightly I almost didn't feel it pulling back he looked into me then his lips came crashing against mine. We stood in our own little bubble of passion until a car horn sounded, I spun around suddenly and he looked over me. There in the road was a tow truck with the car hitched on the back. After explaining that the car was ours we got into the truck with the driver. That car was our prize possession, the vintage light blue always caught the light perfectly. We had bought it together about a year before it broke down. Callum's arm rested on my shoulder, leaning into him and taking one last look in the rear view mirror at the motel that had no memories at all.