Saturday, 19 December 2015

A hate for Christmas

So as you may guess from the title I don't like Christmas.
I think it's a money stealing, corporate conspiracy, to drive everyone crazy with fucking shit Christmas carols and make every person in the country broke.

Yeah so I don't like Christmas. I get the sentiment, all that Jesus and god stuff with Bethlehem and the star. But as an atheist I think it's pretty pointless it means I have to waste load of money on cards which will enviably end up in a bin along with 4 million tonnes of wrapping paper world wide just after Christmas, you know how many trees were cut down according to 2012 statistics?

A few million trees cut down in the UK alone imagine world wide, (sorry) including the bloody USA. Over 1 billion trees just for Christmas.

Trees only create oxygen when they are still in the earth other wise they are just creating more carbon dioxide from being disposed of improperly.

Also I don't get paid a lot. £4 per hour for a 16 year old. I only do 6 hours a week, and I have to buy stuff for school and shit + the fact everything is ten times more expensive at Christmas time, life is hard right now.

Anyway have a Shitty Christmas and a Crappy New Year