Monday, 17 August 2015

How about a book

Been a while, As always.

I have been doing a lot of reading lately. And basically I've been inspired to write a boook. I really want to, I've always wanted to. I never tried though for a few reasons.

1. I used to be scared of people judging me, thinking I was weird or something
2. I always think I wouldn't have the patience to even start
3. All would think my ideas are stupid or even childish
4. I keep telling myself I don't have time

But recently I moved on.

I dyed my hair green for two months and fell in love with it. People called me weird but I realised I didn't actually care cause it was something I was loved. Also it is my hair and if you don't like the colour look at someone else's god dammed head.

I also went to this festival last week where, while sitting round the main campfire on the first night I met a guy called Hari. He was so funny and amazing. He talked about the world actually being flat and the moon being an illusion. I completely fell in love with the way he talked. We talked all night. When I left the next morning to get some shut eye before the day began he said I hope tonight I met some more weird. My automatic reaction was to turn and say in the most sarcastic way possible "Thannnks", as soon as I said that I realised it was the wrong thing to say. He had said it in the most sincere way possible. We discussed a little more about the pros of being weird and I went off to have breakfast. :)

To be 100% fair I probably still don't have the patience to even start a book but touching on point 4 I do in fact have the rest of my life. It doesn't have to be published before I'm 25.

And as for people thinking my ideas are weird. I've met people. I know there are people who think I belong in an asylum but I also know that the right people would pick up my book. I don't want to write a book for money, so if you get weirded out easily... simple...

don't pick up the book.

Good talk. Want to say anything by all means comment.