Sunday, 4 August 2013

Saturday, 3 August 2013


I have just got back from Kefalonia in Greece I went with my bff (Nina), her mum (Jude), my sister(Shona), and my mum (Jude)! It has been getting up to 42 degrees… We have been doing so much swimming in the sea and he pool… On the last day of of the holiday I stood on a sea urchin (definition at the bottom) which is basically really spiky and I had to go to the Sami health clinic and now I can't walk on my right foot... But the rest of my holiday was amazing. We ate loads of exotic food and we had a birthday dinner for Jude and me. We had pizza!
I am part Greek so it was great to go to where I'm from.

Sea Urchin:

A marine echinoderm which has a spherical or flattened shell covered in mobile spines, with a mouth on the underside and calcareous jaws.
~ Class Echinoderm

Picture below is of Myrtos