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Meet Cute: Some People Are Destined to Meet / Review

Meet Cute is an anthology of original short stories written by a wide variety of authors. I've decided to do a small review per story instead of one review for the whole book as there is just too much variety.

Siege Etiquette by Katie Cotugno - Perfect girls and the nobody, a pretty classic love story to be honest, I found this one to be really cute (I feel like that word is going to be used a lot), my only slight problem was that I couldn't relate to any of the characters. - 8/10
Print Shop by Nina LaCour - Adorable, and I know the feeling of starting a new job it's all very daunting. Although this was nice, I found it to be just a bit dull at some points though I could relate to the main character this time round. - 8/10
Hour Glass by Ibi Zoboi - I didn't find this one particularly interesting, and also didn't find it particularly "cute". However I have always had mixed feelings about romance, I can see how people who had a bit more appreciation for romance stories would enjoy this, it just wasn't much for me. - 6/10
Click by Katherine McGee - Now for some reason this was perfect in my eyes. I found it cute, funny and I really related to the main girl in this story. I find the idea of computers working out your perfect soul mate to be funny and stupid. I don't believe a computer has that ability, they can do a lot and they could find love but I don't believe it's a sure thing by any means. - 9/10
The Intern by Sara Shepard - This is the only one where I have previously read something by the author - I started reading Pretty Little Liars (not finished it yet but I will). Something I have mentioned on this blog before (in my post about In Sight of Stars) is that I have lost a family member and I know how it feels. This I found to relate to more than all of them. Super cute my only problem, a little predictable (and I'm a sucker for a good mystery). - 9/10
Somewhere That's Green by Meredith Russo - This one I found unexpected but as before adorable and super cute, then by the end even cuter. - 8/10
The Way We Love Down Here by Dhonielle Clayton - Ah... So... This one I didn't enjoy much, I spent the whole time reading it thinking of Moana (that Disney film with the island and the water), it was just a bit... Fantasy... Stuck on an island thinking there is nothing else in the whole world... Sorry Clayton, it was brilliantly written but the story wasn't for me. - 5/10
Oomph by Emery Lord - Ahhhhh. So damn adorkable (yes I am using the word adorkable), Marvel characters, making random friends, and the amount of airports I've been in I'll definitely remember airplane s'mores. - 9/10
The Dictionary of You and Me by Jennifer L. Armentrout - As a lover of libraries (they are the best and if you don't support them what you doing with your life) this was THE perfeeect short story. The dream is to meet someone through a library. Or my dream anyhow. The was adorkable and both predictable and completely caught me off guard... it was an odd situation to be in. Loved it! - 10/10
The Unlikely Likelihood of Falling in Love by Jocelyn Davies - I'm also a lover of maths, this one was about a girl trying to statistically find a boy. It was cute but damn that girl needed to think about human error. Another favourite by far.- 10/10
259 Million Miles by Kass Morgan - This one was for the perspective of a guy and it took me a second until someone called him Philip, almost all of the other stories have began with a girl, if not kept to the girls perspective the whole time. This one again was cute, but it didn't how I expected i felt my heart exploded as it finished! - 9/10
Something Real by Julie Murphy - Okay, the beginning of this one, funny and kind of relatable, the ending cute but I didn't like what happened just before the ending, got this weird thing about throwing up... so the beginning got an 8 the end got an 8 but the middle got like a 4... If something had been done only slightly differently it would have been a solid 8 or even 9. - 6/10
Say Everything by Huntley Fitzpatrick - This one was cute, but that was about it. Nothing very exciting happened through the image that came into my head when the statue was mentioned made me laugh. I believe this was written in 2nd person, and that is the only style of writing I can't stand. Sorry. - 6/10
The Department of Dead Love by Nicola Yoon - This one was also cute, guy can't get over his ex and goes to the DODL (The Department of Dead Love). However completely predictable. But cute and kind of adorable as well. - 8/10

Although I'm not particularly keen on short stories, cause I find they don't always develop well I overall enjoyed this anthology. I started reading this because I wanted to be able to  read in spare moments that I had while I've been doing lighting and sound for a local show i was involved in over the week. But reading a proper book I would have had to stop and start too often and therefor have trouble concentrating on what I was reading, I downloaded this on to my phone and voila, sorted for something to read.

Overall 8/10 (see above for individual ratings)

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