Thursday, 29 March 2018

More Than This by Patrick Ness Review

This review shan't be a long one but I shall begin.
I'll start by mentioning that I am taking part in a challenge on Instagram called The Unread Shelf Project, the aim of which is to read the books that have been sat on your self but haven't yet been read. Each month we are set a different challenge by the creators of the challenge and for this month the challenge was to pick an unread book from your shelf and read it by the end of the month or get rid of it (which I personally found to be a terrifying idea). I chose More Than This by Patrick Ness, I bought it from a charity shop at least a year ago, probably more because I'd heard good things about Ness and even better things about this book (should also mention this book has a 4.03/5 rating on Goodreads). The reason I decided to read this book (or face the idea of getting rid of it before I'd read it) was that Ness had been the writer of the TV show Class that was on BBC 3 two years ago, a brilliant show that unfortunately didn't get a second season.
And now for my review.
The cover of my copy of this book reminded me a great deal of a great episode of Doctor Who called the God Complex with 11, Amy and Rory. The end of that episode had a door in what appears to be pixels (see right)... Just a nice feeling for me as a slight *coughs* major Whovian.

A boy dies, drowns completely alone then he wakes up naked and still alone but alive. Unsure of what has happened he dares to believe that the could be more, more than life perhaps an afterlife.

This book took me on a roller coaster of emotions, looking into depression, survival, and the meaning of friendship. I found this book rather hard to get into, I stopped and started for the first 30 pages but after that I couldn't put it down again, so much so that I read the next 450 pages last night, unable to sleep until I was done.
Unfortunately there is very little I can say about the plot without giving much away, some books are just like that but as John Green says "Just read it". It is heart wrenching at times, creepy at others and unbelievably brilliant.
There were aspects of the Matrix in it as well but again that is as much as I can say without giving anything away...
I refuse to publish spoilers of any sort on this blog...
Genres: YA fiction, Sci-fi, LGBT+, Dystopian
I will recommend this to anyone who loves any of those genres.


Book Published May 2013

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